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Armstrong Thermoplastic Pressure Hose vs Conventional Rubber Polymer Hose Construction


Thermoplastic Polymers as used in hose constructions generally have a lower specific gravity than Rubber Polymers (which consist of filler ingredients and therefore add weight to the finished tube or cover). Example: A Hydraulic Hose with Thermoplastic tube and cover, and reinforced with double braid Nylon (DuPont ô), carries an identical working pressure and burst pressure rating as a Rubber Polymer hose with single-wire construction (SAE Specification 100R1 or SAE 100R5)-and the Thermoplastic hose weighs two-thirds less! In a comparison of air, chemical, or water hose for the same pressure specifications, Thermoplastic hose will be from one-half to two-thirds the weight of rubber hose.

Strength-Wearability-Abrasion Resistance

The wide variety of Thermoplastic polymers available for hose use permits selection from an exceptionally broad range of durometer hardnesses. The proper selection of Thermoplastic tube, cover, and reinforcement will provide for most applications a hose of toughness with strength and abrasion resistance unequaled by most rubber and "specially formulated" synthetic rubber polymer hoses.

Chemical Stability

The wide range of available Thermoplastic compounds, and the multitude of chemicals, solvents, liquids and gases to which each is resistant, permits hose constructions with a greater resistance to chemical attack than have ever been possible with hose of rubber polymer materials.


Because of the inherent strength characteristics of AIHP Thermoplastic polymers and the type of materials used for reinforcement, our hose is designed with fewer braids or weaves than ordinary Thermoplastic hose or rubber polymer hose. Instead of providing a hose with conventional double braid low tensile strength reinforcement, most Armstrong hose is designed with a single braid or weave of high tensile fibres. This light but strong reinforcement, coupled with extruded lower specific gravity Thermoplastic tube and cover Polymers, results in hose with smaller outside diameters and less weight. High tensile yarn reinforcements, such as Rayon, Kevlar or Nylon, offer greater resistance to fatigue from flexing and high surging impulse than most ply and braid reinforcements. High tensile yarn extends hose life.

Low-Temperature Flexibility

Thermoplastic polymers and copolymers in specific AIHP hose constructions are designed to maintain hose flexibility at minus degree temperatures.


Our hose tubes and covers are available for handling beverages and other edible liquids. The chemical ingredients of the tube compounds and, where necessary, the cover compounds, are manufactured with the most stringent Federal Food and Drug requirements.


In addition to Thermoplastic Polymer hose of standard and special constructions, we manufacture many specialties that combine or make use of thermoplastics, rubber, weaving, and braiding. A few of these specialties are:
  • Flexible Speedometer Castings - for the automotive O.E.M.
  • Static Sound Depressor Casings-for industrial and automotive O.E.M.
  • Flexible Shaft Housings- Thermoplastic flexible shaft housings, self-lubricating Extruded Thermoplastic Strippings and Forms . . . Non-Metallic Flexible Conduit-(asphaltum or lacquer finish loom sleeving or fibrous tubing).

Types And Availability

AIHP Thermoplastic and Rubber Polymer hose is available in a wide range of standard materials and constructions. Sizes of Thermoplastic hose range from 1/32" ID up to and including 1 1/2"ID Most constructions are made entirely of electrically non-conductive materials. Special constructions can be designed and manufactured for specific original equipment machinery.

Lengths Thermoplastic hose constructions can be supplied in continuous lengths.
Color Coding Hose can be made in any color on a production run. Individual hose colors permit coding for easy identification of materials being handled, assuring greater safety and reducing processing errors.
A wide range of couplings is available for specific purposes. For most constructions, standard rubber hose couplings and fittings are recommended.
Shipping Hose can be shipped in coils, in cartons, or to individual packaging requirements.

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