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Product Number & Specifications I.D Size (inches);
W.P. (psi) Burst/Vacuum
Applications; Advantages Construction Diagrams; Cover Colors
RB-600 (SAE 30 R6)
RB-603 (SAE 30 R2 TYPE 3)
RB-1620 (SAE 30 R3)
RB-1140 (SAE 100 R6)

Tube: Buna N, oil resistant
Reinforcement: Braided textile yarn
Cover: Oil-proof TPR
Temp*: Inner Tube -40° to +240°F
Also available - Hot oil tube: up to +300° F
1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2

RB-600:175# Burst
3/16":2000# Burst

1/4" and up:1600# Burst

All designed for conducting Hydraulic fluid, oil, air, water, certain petroleum solvents, gases and chemicals.
Each hose meest SAE specifications
Lightweight, extremely flexible, abrasion resistant

RB-600, RB-603, RB-1620, RB1140: Black
Lifetime Warranty Made in the USA Authorize.Net