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Product Number & Specifications I.D Size (inches);
W.P. (psi) Burst/Vacuum
Applications; Advantages Construction Diagrams; Cover Colors
Part Numbers indicate work pressure
Tube: Seamless Nitrile-PVC blend, oil-resistant
Reinforcement: High tensile braided textile yarn
Cover: Seamless Nitrile-PVC blend, oil-resistant
Temp*: Tube & Cover -20° to +200° F
3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2

W.P. as indicated by part number

Pressure Discharge; Applications of air, water, oils, and chemicals. For industrial and agricultural low pressure discharge or spray.
Lighter than rubber, flexible, tough, abrasion resistant. Will not crack, peel ,chip or rot.
TRB-150: Black†
TRB-250: Black†
TRB-300: Red†
TRB-600: Yellow†
TRB-900: Blue†

Other colors available
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