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Rubber & Thermoplastic Hose Materials

There is an AIHP hose for every industrial and commercial application, and our constructions cover the full range of rubber and thermoplastic materials. Armstrong hose and tubings are made to accommodate the flow of: (as well as a multitude of corrosive and non-corrosive gases under vacuum or discharge pressure.)
  • air
  • water
  • steam
  • pharmaceuticals
  • most chemicals
  • acids
  • alcohols
  • oils
  • greases
  • gasoline
  • alkalines
  • solvents
  • other corrosive and non-toxic liquids
(as well as a multitude of corrosive and non-corrosive gases under vacuum or discharge pressure.)

Chemical Resistance of Thermoplastic Hose

The tubes and covers of our thermoplastic hose are resistant to a wide number of chemicals, solvents and gases. The degree of their resistance is dependent upon, and will vary with, the concentration and temperature range of the chemical or solvent in contact with the hose. Thermoplastic and Rubber Polymer-Elastomers are available today to accommodate most chemicals and solvents in liquid or gaseous form. The life-expectancy of a hose tube or jacket, however, is directly related to the chemical effect of the conducted solvents, and also to the working conditions under which the hose is expected to operate, including atmospheric consideration and possible abrasion attack on tube and cover.

Almost all suppliers of thermoplastic and rubber hose make available charts and tables showing the chemical resistance of their materials. Many pages would be required to list all the liquids, gases and materials which thermoplastic polymers can accommodate. In lieu of such a list, (which would soon be made obsolete due to material improvements), we offer the following as a general guide to the chemical resistance of Armstrong hose:

Resistant to most chemicals wet or dry - including strong and oxidizing chemicals, organic acids, solvents, thinners, esters, ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, aromatic and many other hydrocarbons, freon and other gases, animal and vegetable fats and oils, grease, hydraulic fluids, alkaline solutions . . . plus resistance to ozone and other atmospheric conditions.

For more specific information, contact us for recommendations best suited to your hose needs.

Hose For All Specifications

AIHP hose meets or exceeds U. S. Food and Drug Administration, medical, NSF, and ASTM requirements, specific Military Specifications, SAE, and numerous specialized industry specifications.

AIHP'S Technical Department

Our Technical Department is ready to assist you with all your hose and tube design problems and needs. It is also available to aid in the development and production of a wide range of thermoplastic flexible shaft housings.
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